Taploud Building Hubs

Taploud hubs is where a mix of top brands come together the identity of each brand stands out ,Where brands products or operations don't clash. Giving customers varieties and brands the opportunity to earn more. Taploud team will work with each brand to increase sales and local marketing  

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Brand owner

  1. Save on rent  

  2. Save on electric cost 

  3. Save on common expenses

  4. Have a common local management team to help in management 

  5. SAVE 80% on interior cost 


  1. Earn more than just the rent  earn a share of the profit too 

  2. A team to manage your property for you 

  3. Increases your property value with  multiple brands 

  4. Never let your property go empty

  5. Become a part of a community we are building of prime property owners


Flexible deal structures. And a commercial real estate partner that brokers can trust.Taploud helps you find the best commercial shared store for your clients—when and where they need it most.




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Grocery & services




Why with Taploud

Taploud has Spent over a year building the perfect system and policies to benefit all brands and owners involved and giving equal opportunity to all .

We are backed and trusted by some of the best brands and people.

Targeted Location


City of dreams

Mumbai prime locations

Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore  prime locations

Queen of the Deccan

Pune prime locations

National Capital

Delhi prime locations

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